Russia = Mordor since 988 AD

"I am not a sort of the hater and this is not a hate page. The destiny of the Free World depends on our understanding of the global situation and a malicious role of Russia in it. We are obliged to protect our civilization and virtues from the poisonous nonsense of the Mordorian culture. Russia aka Mordor is an enemy no. 1 of our freedom and accomplishments. Our society was built and flourishing on diversity and inclusion, but it does not mean that you have to ignore the options of our security and jeopardize the future with the misleading concepts of the unity with our enemies. The open society does not mean all-inclusive anarchy. The democratic achievements and libertarian principles must be above it all, but minding the Russian Evil. We have to learn to respect all kinds of people who may do things differently than we, but meanwhile, Russia remains a threat to the Free World and particularly American democracy which should be not underestimated." Dr Alexander Kharlamov MD FESC FACC, 2013

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